Friday, September 29, 2006

Freedom Film Fest @ Taylor’s College, PJ

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screening schedules:

from KOMAS:

The Freedom Film Fest (FFF) 2006 is once again coming to to town! This exciting event organised by Pusat Komunikasi Masyarakat (KOMAS) or the Community Communications Centre is being organised for the 3rd consecutive year. The event will once again provide a platform for the exchange of insights and provocative thoughts on human rights issues for folks in the Klang Valley, and for the first time in Penang!

The first film screening activity will be held in the Taylor’s College in Subang Jaya, Selangor, from September 29th. - October 1st. 2006. The second round of screenings will be held at the Actors’ Studio in Greenhall, Penang from October 6-8, 2006.

For the past two years, KOMAS has been promoting social and community films that are committed to the ideals of human rights, social justice and equality through the FFF. “Dare To Document” has been the running slogan as it encompasses the spirit of activism through filmmaking among the current generation of cinemagoers and filmmakers. Pusat KOMAS is a social communications centre working with grassroots communities and NGO’s in Malaysia.

Since its inception, the FFF has received very exciting responses from the public who were not touched just from the films, but also by the other activities that we have organised namely road shows, community video skills and perspective workshops, film screenings and finally the competition. It has also created opportunities for local filmmakers to express their social concerns through the creative use of films.

This year’s FFF will feature the premiere screenings of the 4 winning films of the competition highlighting themes about children, social justice, police and governance. The four winners to the competition namely Andrew Sia, Rajan Paramesran, Hariati Azizan and the team of Claudia Theophilus, Foo Fang Juing, Ong Ju Lin and Loh Yin San are amateur and first time film makers. It is indeed rare to find ordinary concerned Malaysians who dare to use their creative talents to explore the film medium to discuss urgent human rights issues.

Other feature films that will be screened include “Singapore Gaga” by Tan Pin Pin, “Road to Guantanamo” by Michael Winterbottom, “Portait of Amina Wadud” by Elli Safari and “Imelda” by Ramona S. Diaz. Esteemed filmmakers such as Tan Pin Pin from Singapore; Leena Manimekalai from India; and home grown talents like Margaret Bong and Chi Too will also be invited to share their films and give us an opportunity to discuss their works.

The “tikar talk” an informal but intense session of exchange of ideas on social film making will once again be organised to provide a platform for the audience, filmmakers and other interested people to brainstorm on various issues pertaining to social film making.

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