Wednesday, June 01, 2005

KakiWayangKakiLima (KWKL) presents

Konvensyen Filem Kontot l Short Films Convention

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A place for film friends and fans!

Feast your mind and senses on the humble, yet remarkably passionate works of local and foreign young (and the more mature) 'kaki lima' filmmakers. There'll be back-to-back short films screenings, film discussions, awards for the chosen hot shorts and just plain chill out time, as we appreciate and celebrate the power of cinematic influence. So put on your best 'kaki lima' attire, (bringing comfy pillows with you is optional) and come hang out with us because after all, life's too short to not take a shot of short films!

TIME: 11am till late nite
UBU Space
Wisma Malaysiakini,
48, Jalan Kemuja,
Off Jalan Bangsar,
59000 Bangsar Utama, KL


KONTOT '5 Delegation's List and Screening Time (Q&A with designated mediator and the delegates will be held after each session)

Session 1 (1100-1230hours)

Mockumentary about the caning law procedure in Malaysia.

A remake of Misya Omar's Pulangkan music video.

Legend of Santubong & Sejinjang
(3mins/Dayang Amnah/English)
An experimental motion graphic animation which explores Sarawak's
famous folklore in a new perspective.

28 Hours Later
(14mins/Ng Ken Kin/English)
A party-goer wakes up after a night of disco fun, only to find himself
alone. Should he blame it on the boogie?

Guns or Roses
(11:27mins/Prem Nath Pillai/English)
Hostage drama.

A remake of Ezlyn & M Daud Kilau music video.

(8mins/Chew Cheng En/English)
A guy having problems figuring out his own self.

Illusions of Love
(14:21mins/Abu Baker Siddiq/English)
A love story between two depressed individuals.

Indian Idol
An Indian version of the popular American Idol series.

The waiting
(16:40mins/Mohd Zulkarnain/English)
Started off with a provoking scene, a story about love between god &
all his creation.

Session 2 (1400-1530hours)

(14:15mins/Pauline Tay/Chinese)
Documentary about 'Chingay', a festive traditional rituals among the
Buddhist & Taoism.

Guess What
(3mins/Fairul Hilmi/English)
Music video.

A parody of scene from Spider Man-2.

Seinandri Kondre Mahake
Story revolves around two couples and their argument.

(4mins/Tony Pietra&Mussadique Sulaiman/English)
A music video from the album 'Story Teller' by Malaysian AIM-nominated
singer, Shelley Leong.

Tumpasnya Sindiket Mencuri Kereta
This 10mins short is a tribute to all car/motorcycle theft out there.

Electroprimitive Live at The National Art Gallery
(19:27mins/Kamal Sabran/Bahasa)
A free form, abstract and unstructured performance by an art group
called 'Electroprimitive'.

Don't Dream It's Over
Synopsis not available by director's request.

A mother and her two children was stopped for not paying her car installment.

Session 3 (1700-1830hours)

Life in The Midst of The Palm Trees
(4:29mins/Pizli Mat Wazip)
A short documentary/music video of Felda settler's life.

Mini Stardust
(19mins/Joseph Liu/Mandarin)
A short video about 2 little girls with big dreams.

You Won't Be Mine
A remake of the Matchbox 20's music video.
MIIM student project.

Taming Sari
(3:28mins/Amirul Fadhli/Bahasa)
Only one 'keris' can solve the battle between loyalty & friendship.

(6:58mins/Fatin Nadia/Bahasa)
A short inspired from a song titled 'Napoleon Solo' by a defunct band,
At the Drive-Ins.

The Band Formation
(5mins/Tung Shi Ying/English)
A moment before the long awaited battle.

Story revolves around Raghu, a young web designer in search of love
on the internet.

Social ill drama.

The Locked Room
A story that uses empty space as an element of horror.

Session 4 ( 2000-2130hours)

I Was Here
(10:04mins/Kit Ong/Japanese)
A story about a lonely woman who befriends herself.

Kubunuh Larra
(9mins/Farah & Sam/Bahasa)
A story about an extraordinary correspondence between two souls.

Job Interview
(7mins/Khoo Eng Yow/Mandarin)
A Malaysian who goes to Singapore for a job interview, finds trouble
in finding shower.

Mata Buta
A music video by Carburetor Dung.

Kuala Berlumpur Blues
A sad story by Hakim.

Korban Alam Rumah Saya
An experimental video.

Keris Bermata Kayu
(11mins/Abdul Samad Hassan/Bahasa)
A man returns to his homeland after long and finds everything changed.
It is his destiny to set things right. Will he succeed?

(3:33mins/Islah Wahyudi/English)
Guppy symbolizes women in this music video.

Letter to The Moon
A child writes a letter to the moon.

(02:00mins/Mohd Zahir/English)
An animation that experiments with the thoughts and responses from the audience.

(1:12mins/Fayrus Affendi)
An experiment of technical graphic motions.

Public Service Announcement
During the fervours of USA Homeland Security PSA and warnings on what
to do during an emergency, what can YOU do if all your supplies are
locked behind a door, and you dont have a key?

(07:00mins/Yap Hwei Yee/English)
Everyday she wanders around, engulfed in her own world, until one day
her past reappears in front of her.

(10mins/Chua Soo Han/Mandarin)
A story about fate and stars.

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