Wednesday, October 24, 2007

50 Things I Like About Klang

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AEON Bukit Tinggi akan dibuka tidak lama lagi

Kepada orang-orang Klang, sila layari dan mendaftar diri untuk menjadi ahli forum di Sambil bernostalgia dan bertemu kenalan baru, kita boleh sama-sama memberi idea untuk membangunkan bandar Klang supaya lebih maju, aman dan bersih. Berikut aku senaraikan 50 perkara yang aku suka tentang Klang baik positif dan negatif yang aku kongsikan bersama ahli Myklang di forum. Mungkin banyak perkara dibawah tidak relevan atau memberi apa-apa makna atau nilai nostalgia kepada mereka yang tidak pernah menetap di Klang, tidak mengapa.

Esok 25 Oktober bertempat di Starbucks Centro, satu pertemuan ahli-ahli dan juga bukan ahli Myklang akan diadakan. Kepada yang berminat, jangan segan-segan, waktunya pukul 9 malam.

1. Ocean (now Billion) - there is amusement(video game) centre inside there, hidden from public, always spend my money there especially after collecting my duit raya

2. Plaza Chi Liung (now Plaza Metro) - heaven for gamers like me..spend almost a day playing street fighter, f1 and football games. Very cikai back then

3. Orchard Department Store (now Mydin) - very cool place back then, ABC Ahsoo kat tingkat atas memang sedap

4. Jalan Kapar - the most dangerous in the world

5. Hentian Kota - abandoned project across the river

6. Padang Sultan Sulaiman - my first experience with balloon gas

7. Pangsapuri TNB Kapar - i grew up here, cool place to stay in, many facilities available

8. Video games shop all over Klang & Kapar - i explored every corner of the road just to play video games

9. Noor Book Centre - the best place to buy school text books

10. Hankyu Jaya (now Kamdar) - considered a bit upmarket at that time

11. Econsave - when it first opened their branch in Kapar, every Kaparians going crazy

12. 99 Speedmart - now going big, they opened their first store in BB recently

13. Bee's Bakery - Klang homegrown bakery. Always buy from them b4 Rotiboy and the gang invade us

14. Aminah Hassan - my favourite sauces

15. Meru Industrial Park - another failure project

16. Goldcourse Shopping Mall - another failure shopping mall

17. Pasar Jawa - the best place to shopping during raya

18. Karipap tiga segi dekat Gama - tak pasti ada lagi atau tidak

19. KSOC bus - ticket from Kapar to Klang cost me only 30cent back then

20. Bukit Raja Shopping Centre - decent crowd over there before Mat Rempit suka dating di sini

21. Shaw Centrepoint - banyak bohsia (dulu la, sekarang tak pasti)

22. Klang River - i dream one day i can take a boat ride to Port Klang or even to KL

23. TGV Bukit Raja - they choose Klang instead of other town at that time

24. GSC Klang Parade (now karaoke joint) - good place for couple, not many peoples

25. Pustaka Klang - the best place to buy magazines

26. Kapar Marine Park - never take off i guess

27. Taza kat Plaza MPK - gulung tikar after a few years

28. Regal Cinema - my first experience with Indonesian movies ; )

29. Jalan Pasar - the most horrible road in Klang, but managed to be a venue for Tour De Langkawi few years back

30. Pasar Klang (now Klang Tower) - always avoided this place if I'm on my way to Ocean

31. Institut Hafiz - almost study here

32. Tanjung Harapan (Gila) - mat rempit rules this place, go to h**l you guys!!!

33. Bata - as always, Klang landmark until now

34. Abandoned hotel in BBK - don't know when they will resume the project.

35. Abandoned commercial building in BBK - i heard Carrefour will open here, but suddenly they opened in Jalan Kapar. What happen to this building, i need to ask Acmar, perampas tanah penduduk Kampung Beremabang

36. Berkeley Food Court - good to see a lot of peoples here. I was there during the opening.

37. Regency Condominium - the first condo in Klang, please correct me

38. Centro - not an eyesore anymore

39. Connaught Bridge Power Station - i like the building, beautiful

40. Kampung Jawa - banyak masakan Melayu di sini

41. Little India - very colorful all the times

42. Old Klang Bus Station - meeting point for me & my friends when we 'budak baru naik'

43. Great Wall Klang (no more, burnt already) - always shopping here with my parents

44. Kapar town - a lot of development happens here

45. Ang Hiok Gai - Keadilan candidate for Parlimen Kapar got quite a lot of votes from Malay voters during 2004 GE, Kapar is predominantly Malays majority seat

46- Teng Chang Kim - DAP candidate for DUN Sg. Pinang got a quite a number of votes from Malay voters during 2004 GE

47. KESAS Highway demonstrations - i wonder whether this will happen again in the future

48. Bayu Villa - my palace, not as big as Zakaria Deroos though

49. Klang town skyline - very beautiful if we look at from Bangunan MPK, Klang Boleh!

50. Bandar Bukit Tinggi and surroundings - so developed with so many shop houses and makan place. But at the same time please don't forget to remember and also help those poor former Indian estate workers. I want to know what happen to them.

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