Monday, January 10, 2005

Laporan Diskusi bersama Anwar oleh Danny Lim

DSAI berucap

DSAI and the Mahasiswa

It’s really easy to get the unique hit count up on SunBlogs like mine. Since I haven’t quite cultivated a ‘brand’ (which may have something to do with my inconsistency…hrmm) that will draw visitors to this blog regardless of what I post (though I’ll never forget my loyal readers SH Huang and Grace Shu!), the trick is all in the title. And the biggest spikes in visitors have always happened when a ‘big name’ has popped up: anything with ‘Anwar’ and to a lesser extent ‘Khairy’ has clearly boosted the numbers here, so it’s obvious I’m just latching on to their ‘brand names’.

Ilmu percuma untuk yang hadir

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