Sunday, July 17, 2005

Puisi seorang rakan

Oleh Aran

Far Away

I have to go away
Run away, far, far away
Even beyond the Milky Way
and I say,
I may.

Running away
It's not the answer anyway
Yes, indeed, it's still okay
To run away from the game you play
Then just pray
Hoping for miracle that might comes on your way

Once, I beg for your say
To love me and to..., what? Hey!
What have you done to me today?
Drive me crazy... owh.. it's so yesterday

Then, for the love that already have been decayed
Let us forget everything we have said,
Let us focused,
To the future that, before us, it's laid
Forget the moment of despair, bitter and sad
Those memories just meant to be wasted,
to be dispose and to be cremated,
The love? Ahh.. It's just dead!

And before my eyes, I foreseen the day,
When a couple spill their laughters of joy and cheer,
When one should shed his tears, crying in fear,
Where the story ends there.


When I stuck my finger
Into your mouth
And suck it like a little baby
I just love the feeling my dear
When I kiss your lips
You give it all
And I took them all
No hesitation at all
When I hug you
It’s like a whole world in my hand
When I grab you from your back
Your moan and your groan
Made me unable to sleep
For whole night
I just keep it
Just bear it
But please don’t do that yet
Don’t let them go now
Just kiss me, hold me
Hug me, touch me
Undress me, untie me
Lie down, calm down
Heat up, push up
Crawl onto me
Please say something honey
Until you ask for more
I just can’t help it
Just let the game begin!

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