Saturday, November 27, 2004

Jom ke 1 Utama sabtu ini sertai “White Ribbon Campaign”

Tarikh : 27th of Nov 2004


3.10 pm Arrival of friends, celebrities, guests & sponsors

3.30 pm Arrival of BMW Club

3.45 pm "Harley Davidson Rumble"

Grand entrance by the Harley Davidson Group of Malaysia & Singapore
4.00 pm Performances by celebrities

TUGU Street Drummers
Francesca Peters
Sharizan Borhan
Dance Skit by Michael Voon
4.20 pm Opening Remarks by President of AWAM

Speech by MAN.V representatives

Speech by YBhg Dato’ Ramli Abbas
Group Chief Executive Officer of Celcom

Speech by YBhg Dato’ K.C. Vohrah
Commissioner for SUHAKAM

Narrative to the White Ribbon Campaign

4.50 pm Launch of the “White Ribbon Campaign”

5.30 pm Performances by the celebrities

Ultra Vires
Throne Away
Sasi The Don
6.00 pm Event ends


1. Ferhad
2. Francesca Peters
3. Vernon Adriane
4. David Arumugam of the Alleycats
5. Sasi The Don
6. Ultra Vires
7. Reefa
8. Throne Away
9. Richard Ng of Mix FM
10. Non of Mix FM
12. Tony Eusoff
13. Alam
14. Indi Nadarajah
15. Karam Singh
16. Shahrizan Borhan
17. The Malaysian HOG
18. The Singapore HOG
19. The Malaysian BMW club


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