Saturday, December 25, 2004

Mari berdemo!

Nationwide Protest Against Unfair Toll Increase

Organised by: Coalition Against Unfair Toll Increase (CAUTI)


26.12.04 (Sunday)

Venue & Time:

1) Juru Toll Plaza: 5.00pm (Penang) - 012-4286629
2) Ampang Toll Plaza: 11.00am (Perak) - 019-5506773
3) Sg Besi Toll Plaza: 5.00pm (KL) - 012-2013656
4) Skudai Toll Plaza: 4.00pm (Johor) - 019-7219069

[General enquiry: 016-3242564 ]

Online Petition against the 10% toll hike on the North-South Expressway, set up by the Coalition Against Unfair Toll Hike (CAUTI)

"Let Pak Lah hear your voice!"


Sumber: DAP

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