Friday, May 20, 2005

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"Aandal" is based on a true story related to the director by an Indian girl from a poor estate family. She was tricked into marriage by the man she loved. Unfortunately, her husband forced her into prostitution and drug abuse. She ran away from his clutches with the help of a handicapped man and his mother.

Director Sandosh Kesavan said that he was attending an NGO programme when he met Aandal (not her real name), who not only related her story to him but agreed to allow it to be made into a movie. It is her hope that young innocent girls may learn from her own naivety and misfortune. Her one condition in allowing the making of the film is that her actual identity remains anonymous so as not to hurt or cause embarrassment to her family.

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Based on 1,001 bombings.

May 22 (Sunday) 2005

Be one of the first people to catch a preview screening of "Monday Morning Glory" this Sunday. The acclaimed film, directed by Woo Ming Jin, recently premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

'Monday Morning Glory' is a fascinating, unnerving look at a police chief seeking professional vindication by staging a reenactment of a nightclub bombing as an exhibition for the journalists." - Frako Loden, SF Weekly

"In 'Monday Morning Glory', director Woo Ming Jin examines the mentality and motives of a band of scruffy terrorists with remarkable dispassion and maturity, and an unexpected sprinkiling of wit..." - Michael Fox, San Francisco Weekly

"An offbeat approach to a movie about terrorists that has the perpetrators reenact their bombing for the media, the film is an indictment not only of the terrorists but also the corruption of the authorities who pursue them..." Roger Garcia, San Francisco International Film Festival

"These killers are neither raving ideologues or remorseless monsters; they're victims of the same sorts of social circumstance, romantic insecurities, and subsistence wages as those whose lives they force themselves to take. Displays a willingness to engage the banalities of terrorist evil unseen since the heyday of the New German Cinema" - Chuck Stepens, San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Time: 8:00pm
Venue: The Actors Studio Bangsar
Admission: RM10

Enquiries: 012-2642086 (Ming Jin)

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