Monday, September 06, 2004

Bangsa Malaysia not yet a reality

Sebahagian petikan ucapan tiga remaja Malaysia di 24th Youth Speaks For the Nation elocution coontest yang aku amat hargai dan sanjungi. Tahniah di atas kemenangan dan keberanian untuk berkata benar!

My standing ovation for Audrey Quah Mei Yi, 17, Cheryl Neoh Lih-Xin, 17, and Ranjini Suppiah, 13.

Audrey Quah Mei Yi;
“It is ironic that after 47 years of independence, our identity cards still carry data on race – Malay, Chinese, Indian or others.

“Rightfully, this information should read Bangsa Malaysia,” she said on the topic “Bangsa Malaysia – Reality or Myth.”
Cheryl Neoh Lih-Xin ;

"although the people formed cliques based on race, past and present leaders had successfully maintained peace and harmony.

“Our Prime Minister is a wise leader who led by example. I was touched when he shared a meal with Christians in a church compound during the recent World Council of Churches conference.

“If our open-minded leader can closely interact with people of different races and religions without compromising his beliefs and traditions, then so can we,”

Ranjini Suppiah ;
"all Malaysians, regardless of their race, religion or origin must feel that they were being treat equally because racial equality was essential for the creation of Bangsa Malaysia.

“We should be able to work towards a fairer and equal education system – a system which takes into consideration the needs and aspirations of all Malaysians.

“The deserving ones from all races should be given help in education as well as economic opportunities. Otherwise, the problem of brain drain will worsen,”
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