Friday, September 17, 2004

'Live with Anwar" This Saturday @ Permatang Pauh !

Penang - In order to show gratitute to Malaysians for their firm belief in justice and continuous selfless support, and explains the the members of public Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's latest situation, People's Justice Party(Keadilan) Bukit Mertajam Division will hold a gathering, in which Anwar will greet members of the public and elaborate on his health condition through live satellite telecast at 9 pm this Saturday, Sept 18, 2004, which is tomorrow, at Anwar's family home in Cheruk Tok Kun, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

According to Mr. Law Choo Kiang, member of the steering committee for this event, this gathering will be held to provide caring Malaysians who are curious about his situation a chance to listen to it directly from Anwar himself, despite numerous constraints.

"Certainly, we wish to boost the morale of members as well as enhance the cooperation among the opposition parties through a variety of events before Anwar's return, to prepare us for the next wave of reformation, to fight for a just Malaysia."

The steering committee is still working hard to ensure the telecommunication system in both Malaysia and Germany are in place. If everything goes smoothly, Anwar will be greeting Malaysians on air through a big screen. If unfortunately it's unsuccessful, Anwar will say hello to Malaysians through telephone.

Also planned for the night will be a video screening of Anwar's speech after his release. Apart from this VCD, there will be also postcards on sale for the public to send greetings to Anwar. The committee will send all of the postcards to Anwar by courier.

Tian Chua, National Vice President of Keadilan will conduct a seminar in the same night to explain to the public regarding the domestic political scenario after Anwar's release, Anwar's future plannings, the latest status of opposition parties, as well as the fact that Anwar will not be able to hold any political post within the next 5 years.

Law estimated that this event will be attended by at least five thousand participants, eventhough it was not promoted aggressively. He invited supporters of reformation from all walks of life to participate in this meaningful event.

In a related note, he disclosed that Keadilan Penang is looking for a venue which can accomodate ten thousand people around Cheruk Tok Kun, in order to organise a huge welcome party for Anwar when he returns to his hometown later this year.

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