Monday, April 19, 2004

FNB is calling for each and everyone out there with interest on FNB to join our Road Tour

Here is the draft proposal:

Since FNB KL and sisters in some part of Malaysia has been on operation for 3 years, we would like to organize a small Documenting and Monitoring (D n M) on public perception on what is FNB ! It's not a task to know how many people knows about FNB or regard FNB as a renegade in modern history acting like macho patrchical Robin Hood and clans stealing from the rich and give it to the poor! Fuck it! we dont do that! We don't want ratio statistic whatsoever!

The main objective is to meet as many people as we can especially talented and courages youngsters out there to balance the intake of mainstream propaganda and the truth of whats happening in Malaysia as we set is for local consumption and pick the right at the end of the day! We are not implementing a pseudo Khidmat Negara (National Service) as we have one at the moment. no..this got nothing to do with kerahan tenaga or physical endurance! It's your curiosity that we want to know..your feedback and notion!

It has been proportionately selected to be 4 sections of Road Tour:
1) Central section will cover : Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, a bit of Perak, a bit of Pahang, line borders to KL, Seremban and kawasan yang sama waktu dengannya.

2) Southern section will cover: From Melaka to Johor and Singapore as well as a bit of Pahang (do note Pahang is the biggest state in peninsula).

3) East coast section will cover: Terengganu and the Archipelago, Kelantan and a bit here and there.


4) Northern section will cover : as you might already expect, this section will cover more states than others: Perlis, Kedah and the Archipelago, Penang and Perak.

This task has been planned to start in the middle of March, however we comply for delay due to cuti sekolah and everything such as election or probably earth quake! Therefore each sections will start at their own periodical limitation here. But we do require a full time person to conduct the D n M. The D n M has been decided to finish by August'04 to give us a month or two to compile and finalise for our 4th year anniversary which will be in November '04! For that matter, we have about 5 months on tour with 2 months for finalization and presentation in November including a big gathering that will be discussed in next agenda!

In conjunction of 25th year anniversary of FNB globally in 2005 (founded in 1980), we will be accompanied by the founder of FNB based in Arizona, US of fucking A, Keith Mc Henry and few friends from North American continent and an Australian award winning indy filmmaker, Elizabeth Tadic as the director of a film she'll be shooting!The date of their visit is yet to be confirmed due to financial problem but we are to continue even without any important figure! The Road Tour is not a visit-to-your-friends- like tour..this is not even a gig based tour..

It's a documentation and monitoring project with little money used! (insya allah). Therefore, the team that consists of as many as you wish to bring are needed to bring along personal stuff, enough money, girlfriend or boyfriends, condoms, ky jelly, packet food. since you'll be on tour for FNB, the Central Command (CC: FNB induk, based in KL ) will provide you : Phamplet (English n Malay) FNB KL vcd for screening for introduction, t-shirts to sell (profit will go for the travel expenses), stickers, patches, compilations tape or CD and note book! Other things needed will be announced soon!

Since it will be a big show up , we dare to say we will not support everyone! We are encouraging you to work in franchise food chain for a week and get sacked and use the money for travelling: We are to promote or give an introduction about FNB to everyone in any part of the nation: we are not talking about cities alone, we are talking about districts and kampung kampung if you see any individual interested in FNB. Places of stay is at your our accord! No 5 stars hotels, not even a swimming pool to be covered! Since this is for everyone's consumption, you are to report about your fieldwork every once a week via email, via your own language! We will put it up on the website (blogging column is up soon) and channel it as many as we can! Each teams are able to communicate crossing to the need of convergence! Up to you all!

As you go along the way for the promotion, you need to know what FNB is. Therefore Central Command (CC) will be organizing a training session (date to put up soon) Q and A and PR skills! Since you are not alone or two, everyone on the tour are allowed to say on behalf of FNB provided it is as agreed! If you are sick or ill - we hope you will not encounter any, because we have no budget for such occurences! Should you need to discountinue your journey, you have to inform Central Command (CC) immediately for us to be able to send a new team to cover. Communication are vital therefore, be prepared for any incidences!

At the end of the Road Tour, we will gather all the information (writing and illustration as well as personal experiences, video whatever shit) and put it up in a journal or video tapes! A footnote or a quotation, we find interesting will be compiled in our next compilation benefit tape! As we might expect that FNB KL activists are taking chance to go, FNB KL is still in operation every Sunday! Therefore we need a back up too! So we need to plan ahead who is going and during the absent of others, we need someone to take over weekly and rotationly!

The journal will be in Malay but if we have time to translate or someone able to translate into English should be good. We can then sell it to CIA.

Sometimes in October or November, we will be organizing a big party for our 4th year and everyone are invited to come! Again no 5 stars hotel's yet another low budget party but it should be fun! For those of you with contacts or person you going to visit, please start approaching now or should you plan to go to sections you are not familiar with, we welcome suggestion of contact persons as well as a bit of background! It is vital for FNB to spread knowledge and make as many friends as we can!

Let's do it!

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