Saturday, July 31, 2004


There's a bit of band member changes but the show's happening this SUNDAY! Come!

Okay, people. Written down there is a list of recent changes to the band members line-ups.

First, the info & map!

date: Sunday August 1 2004
time: 2pm till late (say around 10pm)
admission: RM20
venue: Chin Woo Stadium, Jalan Hang Jebat, dekat Stadium Negara, across the road from the Malaysian Basketball Association building.

map below:

slight update:

PUNISHER: Most the original members are playing – Rosdan - vocals / Khalil - guitar / Raja Izzat - guitar / Karim - bass & Chik Mat (of Naked Butterfly/Silent Death etc.) - drums.

NEMESIS: Original drummer Pap is no longer slated to play and is now replaced by Ollie (ex-Carburetor Dung / Silent Death / Gerhana Skacinta). So the line-up stands with one original member, that is Koffin Kanser's Aru - vocals and friends; Jambu - guitar / Adik - bass & Ollie - drums.

SILENT DEATH: It's confirmed that they will play as a trio unless 2nd-generation Silent Death bassist Dol would rejoin the band. At the moment, they are: As - bass + vocals, Joe Slaughter - guitar & Sham - drums.

NAKED BUTTERFLY: Appearing with all original members as they have just managed to get original bassist Maman back in the fold. So the line-up: Oz - guitar, Adrin - vocals, Boy - guitar, Maman - bass & Chik Mat - drums.

INFECTIOUS MAGGOTS: Also with most originals from the classic first album! Fathul - growls / Lan Bear - guitar / P.E. - guitar / Lan Bai - drums and ex-Spiral Kinetic Circus's Jijoe - bass

THE PILGRIMS: Still the same as before; most of the 2nd generation The Pilgrims; Bob - vocals, Combat (K-Bat!) - guitar, Ami - bass & guest drummer, Ekay. They will be playing songs from the first three albums, Perfume Garden, Away from the Numbers and Da Capo (the first album on PonyCanyon and also the first album for the second generation line-up).

CARBURETOR DUNG: Okay, the line-up is basically the current line-up. That is originals Joe and Fendi with latest members, Alak - vocals and Mahfuz @ Apuk - drums. It's pretty late to call upon our exs but we'll try to have ex-drummers Ollie and Lan Bear on a few old songs. Lee and Shahpari @ Pari are both in Adelaide and they are not coming back. Our first vocalist Shahlan has a wedding to attend (his brother-in-law's) so he can't make it.

Currently we are rehearsing about 18 songs, a mixture of new, still unrecorded stuff and songs from the two releases we had.

Those who wanna sing along, download or print the lyrics sheet down there and learn the lyrics to these songs: Oppression, Boo Hoo Clapping Song, Song for a Friend, Labour of Hate, Don't Know (all from the first album) and Happy, Our Voice/The Flag & Do Nothing from the Allure of Manure mini-LP.

New songs which you may have heard at our recent gigs: Potong Nama Tutup Buku, A Fine Line of Numb, Hollowhead Holocaust, Mari Nyanyi Menjilat, Punk Panggang Sepingang, Semua Sama Semua Bosan, Hanturaya Putrajaya, Malaysia Boleh and Mata Buta.

Go here for the lyrics! print it, hafal and come in join the chorus of friends!:

Dung Lyrics in MS Word
Dung Lyrics in Plain Text


Note: To those who are bringing video cams and still cams; please give me your contact addresses or phone numbers as we want to use the footages you have for our special video. All will be credited and get free advance copies!!


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