Saturday, March 06, 2004

Guerilla street theatre

Di bawah ini adalah mesej yang disampaikan oleh saudara Koy dan kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk menyertai teater jalanan ini, sila terus membaca mesej ini.

allooo geng,

me, isham rais and other youth group are organizing a guerilla street theatre as one of the campaing method during this coming election. the guerilla theatre will be done in various community in the klang valley - mostly in the poor urban area. the issue that will be highlighted in the theatre will be about democracy, human rights and community issues.

we are bringing the discourse about human rights, democracy and community issue to the ground, to the masses. this coming election will give us great opportunity and space to bring human rights and democracy issues to the ground masses. rather than using the same old method of ceramah and pidato,
we are exploring new ways of doing the campaign by bringing the discourse through guerilla street theatre.

the workshop about the guerilla street theatre will be held soon - most probably this sunday night or monday night (the exact date will be communicated once the workshop venue is confirmed). the workshop is free of charge. and those who are interested to join the group to do the campaign through theatre will be given food and transport allowance.

if you are interested or got friends who are interested please give isham a call. isham can be contacted at 03-2274-7086 or u can call me at 019-304 8524. or u guys and girls can email me at or

selamat berkempen dan selamat merayakan pesta "demokrasi" 5 tahun sekali !


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