Monday, May 03, 2004

International Press Freedom Day

Here's another forum on press freedom which is open to the public.

The National Union of Journalists Malaysia (NUJM) is organising a press freedom forum on May 5, 2004 entitled "Testing the Limits" which is held in conjunction with the Press Freedom Day 2004 celebrations.

As society evolves, the circle of the Press as the Fourth Estate is also continually scrutinised.

The press is constantly in the predicament on how far it should stretch when reporting stories and issues. At the same time it also has to be wary of encroaching into the areas of defamation or sedition. What should be the limits?

We are panellists /speakers to our forum which will be held at the NST Theatrette, Balai Berita, 31, Jalan Riong Kuala Lumpur from 9 am to 1 pm. Academician, Ngos, and newspaper editors are among the speakers for the half-day forum.

We believe it is an opportune time to discuss the topic as the media is constantly blamed for sensationalising issues.

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