Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Dokumentari Michael Moore meledak di pawagam

`Fahrenheit 9/11' leads new era of documentaries as pop cinema

LOS ANGELES June 29 - Since the early days of cinema, documentaries have served as inquisitive, truth-seeking counterparts to make-believe drama.

The difference today is, people are actually watching them.

Long viewed as dusty reminders of dreary educational films people watched in school, documentaries have put on a fresh face and caught audiences' attention.

Encouraged by enthusiastic crowds at film festivals that showcase documentaries, American distributors are snapping up non-fiction films and theatres are more inclined to book them. Primed by the surge in reality television, moviegoers are hungrier for stories of real people.

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Movie theatres fill in Washington to see Michael Moore's ``Fahrenheit 9/11''
`Fahrenheit 9/11' tops $8 million in first day at theatres
`Fahrenheit 9/11' pulls in record documentary haul of $21.8 million

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Laman web rasmi Fahrenheit 9/11

Bila agaknya suasana begini akan berlaku di Malaysia, terbayang-bayang di kepala rakyat Malaysia beratur panjang untuk menonton The Big Durian, Ah Kew The Digger dan sebagainya.

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