Saturday, November 24, 2007


“WHERE MONSOONS MEET” – A People’s History of Malaya

Strategic Information and Research Development Centre (SIRD) will organized a book launch “Where Monsoons Meet- A People’s History of Malaya”, published in Malay, Chinese and English version on Saturday 24th November 2007 at 2pm in Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang Penang.

The book was written by a group of students during their university days in the UK, two of them Mr Lee Khek Mui and Mr Low Swee Heong will be speaking in the book launch. Besides that, the organizer also has specially invited a Form Five student from Penang Chinese Girls' School, Ms CHIA Jing Min to share her views on the learning and importance of history from a youngster's point of view. Finally SIRD have also invited Mr Dunstan Chan, a well known public speaker in the region who had won several international prizes in public speaking.

For the first time, a history book of Malaya (West Malaysia) has been written in 'CARTOON' form. It is very illustrative, informative and well researched, with witty and thought-provoking remarks and anecdotes; very suitable for adults' light reading and for young adults who have no chance to learn more about their own country's history from their normal school text books.

Details for the event:

Theme: 50 Years After Merdeka – Fair interpretation of our country's history is crucial in determining our people's road to unity

Date : 24 NOVEMBER 2007 (Saturday)

Time : 2.00pm

Venue : Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang Seminar Room 4

Jalan Utama , 10450 Penang


1.30 pm Arrival of Guests, Book display

2.00 pm Book Launch

+ Chong Ton Sin (Executive Director, SIRD)

+ Lee Khek Mui (Author of Book, Engineer)

+ Low Swee Heong (Author of Book, Engineer)

2.30 pm Panel Discussion

+ Chia Jing Min (Sec School Student)

+ Dunstan Chan (Lawyer, Public Speaker, Columnist)

3.15 pm Open to the Floor- Comments and Q & A

4.00 pm Book Launch Ends, Refreshment, Book Sales

We cordially invite you to the book launch.

Please give your support. Come and join us.

For further details please contact Mr Loo or Zul at 03-79578343 / 8342.

Yours sincerely


Executive Director

Strategic Information and Research Development Centre

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